Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chipper's Retirement

Chipper Jones is no doubt, one of the best baseball players to live. He has earned his rank as one of the top 50 hitters of all time which is incredible. Chipper has been with his one and only team the Braves since 1993 making his time in the major leagues, 19 years. It is incredible how far he has come since his rookie years. This year at spring training Chipper announced his retirement which we all knew had to happen sometime even though no one wanted to admit it. Even Chipper knew this day would come but his love for the game wouldn't let him think about it. Chipper has been the heart and soul of this team along with Bobby Cox who retired just last year. Though his leaving will make an impact the Braves will try to have the same spirit as they do year in and year out. Sending Chipper off with a world series appearance would be incredible and the Braves are trying to do that this year. Let's all rally behind the Braves as they make a run for the world series. The future hall of famer, Chipper Jones, deserves nothing less because of all he has given this town and this team.


  1. All I can say is that Chipper is the best player on the braves.He is a boss. He is the leader of the team, and I think once he leaves that Brian McCann will try to lead this team.He is one of the braves more consistent hitters and is one of the best catchers in the league.

  2. I hope the Braves take Chipper to the world series after 19 years, that would be awesome. They are doing really well so far this season and are only getting better. I hope to see Chipper as a coach for a Braves, or even the manager.

  3. It's unfortunate to see Chipper leave after such a long time with the Braves, but to think that he stayed with them that long is an amazing thing in itself. I hope his last season is one of the best he's had.