Monday, May 7, 2012

The Braves Season so far

The Atlanta Braves are off to a great start this season with an 18-11 record. They are only half of a game back behind Washington in the NL east division which has seen many surprising starts like the formidable pitching giant Philadelphia being last in the standings. The Braves hope to see things continue the way they are with Philly loosing and Atlanta continuing to tomahawk chop to victories. So far this season, the braves are ranked number one overall in runs scored, fourth in batting average, and seventh in both OBP and slugging percentage. Atlanta is a strong force in the league this year despite what many people thought including analyst. The pitching staff of the braves (not including Jair Jurrjens) has really stepped it up this year, especially Brandon Beachy who has a 1.62 ERA in his four starts. When the pitching falters, like this weekend at the Rockies, our hitting comes through with Freddie Freeman and Michael Bourn at the heart of the lineup. Chipper has been giving it all he has got in his last season, he showed the Phillies in the second game of the series that he can still hit by coming through with a walk off in extra innings. The Braves, although not led by Bobby this year, have a really special team. If the braves continue to play like they have been, the season will go smoothly with high hopes to go deep in the playoffs.     

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  1. I don't watch much baseball but I'm a fan of the Braves and it looks like they're doing pretty good this year! I also don't know what an ERA is but I'm sure that's good! I'll start watching more of the Braves on TV this year since they're doing so well!